Download Gears TV APK Online [Best IPTV Service 2020]

Download Latest Gears TV APK for Android [Best IPTV Service 2019]

The weekend is on the way, and you want to enjoy your favorite serial, movie,  TV program or soccer just by sitting on your sofa. Well, Gears TV is there to help you to watch all these things in the palm of your hands. Yes, you can fulfill your wish because Gears TV APK is there to help you out.

You might also be looking for a reliable and smart alternative to Dish or Cable. And it should be Super Low Cost, Highly Efficient and Premium. Then the Gears TV APK is definitely for you to overcome these requirements.

When it comes to Paid Premium IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) Live Streaming in 1080p & HD, the Gears TV is currently at the top of the list.

As the Gears TV APK is industry-tested, reliable and trusted user experience and can exceed our expectations. It is guaranteed that you will get 90% non-buffer and super crystal clear playback when using the Gears TV APK service.

What is Gears TV Apk?

Gears TV APK only


Gears TV is an IPTV Service that provides Live Television Streaming and Sporting events over the Internet. It includes Air Wild, Desert Streams, Fireblazing, A1 TV, LTQ, Scorpion Streams and Streamtime TV Max.

It is a reliable and efficient alternative of traditional cable service. You can watch your favorite stuff either on the go or relaxing at your home.

What is IPTV Service?

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a service which provides Television Programming and other Video Content using IP/TCP protocols as compared to traditional cable service.

As you Internet has made this world a global village and evolved more into a necessity. So, with the help of IPTV service, you can now easily stream Television and watch your favorite content over the internet on your smartphones.

How Much Internet Speed is Required for Gears Tv Apk?

Normally the speed required to stream Live Television or Internet Videos is based upon your preference of quality.

  • 3Mbps > 480p
  • 5Mbps > 720p
  • 8Mbps > 1080p
  • 25Mbps > 4k

Why Gears TV Apk (IPTV Service)?

Today there are hundreds of apps on this subject which can even get your attention. But Gears TV comes with lots of enjoyments and craze without any interruptions.

While Living under the one floor in the presence of on TV Set, there will be a lot of conflicts. It is because everyone got a different taste.

Elders often like to watch old classic movies, adults watch soccer games or TV Shows and kids end up watching cartoons and movies. This application will make you watch your favorite content on your smartphone screen individually with easiness.

The Gears TV Application is not only be installed on Android Phones but can also on Amazon Fire TV, Firestick and etc as well. It does not comes with a lot of ads,  pop-ups and has a really smooth interface.

Watching the favorite stuff on the TV can remove the stress and refresh your mind. So Gears TV provides you with that facility and easiness to watch your favorite stuff like Serials, TV Shows, Soccer and much more.

Don’t wait too much, if you are really enthusiastic to watch the best and favorite stuff on your phone screen.

Prominent Features:

  • Over 400+ live channels (HD)
  • Dedicated 10Gbps servers to terminate overloading
  • 24/7 support system
  • Works excellent with IPVanish VPN
  • You can use it even when away from home because no IP location is locked
  • Multi-screen feature with more than one connection
  • Provides all major sport packages
  • Variety of categories to choose from
  • Video on demand (VOD) with movies and TV shows
  • Channels from America, UK, Canada & other premium countries are on the list.
  • Gears Tv has its own media player.
  • It also supports other media players like VLC, MX Player and etc.

Installation Guide:

Below we have briefly described the installation process of Gears TV APK on a different platform in easy and working steps. All you need is to be patient and stick by us.

How to Install Gears TV APK on Android Phones or Tablets?

The Gears TV APK is ready to be installed on your Android Devices. You don’t need to have Kodi installed on your Android TV or Phone.

You should always use a VPN to protect your identity or security when using IPTV services. Your Internet Service Provider, Government, App Developers, and Hackers can log your online activity through your visible IP. A VPN will mask your IP and you will remain anonymous while online.

  • First of all download the Gears TV APK file from the given download link. Now just follow the simple and easy steps below.

Click Here to Download the App

  1. Open IPVanish VPN and connect.
  2. Go to “Settings” to “Security” to “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources”
  4. Open Gears TV APK file, accept “Unknown Sources” and install it. Finish installing Gears TV APK file.
  5. Open the Gear Launcher from the home screen of your smartphone.
  6. Tap Gears TV APK and click update.
  7. Install update of Gears TV APK
  8. Accept “Unknown Sources”. Finish installing the update.
  9. Now again open the Gear Launcher from home screen.
  10. Click Steams R Us, update and install.
  11. Again Accept”Unknown Sources” if asked. Finish installing it.
  • After doing the above steps now you can open the Gears TV app and Streams R Us located in Gear Launcher or home screen.
  • Sign up/Create Account and start enjoying the incredible IPTV Service.
  • Next time you only have to enter your login credentials to the service when you signed up. Enjoy.

How to Install Gears TV Apk? (IOS Devices – iPad/iPhone)

  1. Open a web browser on your PC. Go to
  2. Enable 2 step verification for your Apple ID login.
  3. Under “App-Specific passwords” click on “Generate Password”.
  4. Enter any password or name you want to then click “Create”.
  5. Now open a new tab on your browser and go to
  6. Download and install it.
  7. Again open a new tab on your browser and go to
  8. Download the “gears.IPA” file.
  9. Connect your IOS device (iPhone/iPad) with your PC with a USB cable.
  10. Now open the Cydia Impactor Program you installed before.
  11. Drag and Drop the “gears.IPA” file directly onto the top of Cydia Impactor Box.
  12. Enter your Apple ID and put the password you have generated in the beginning.
  13. Press ok. Gears Tv app is now installed on your IOS device.
  14. Go to “Settings” of your IOS device.
  15.  From “General” go to “Device Management”
  16. Select Apple ID under ” Developer App”.
  17. Select “Trust”.
  18. Open IPVanish VPN and connect.
  • After doing the above steps now you can open the Gears TV app
  • Sign up/Create Account and start enjoying the incredible IPTV Service.
  • Next time you only have to enter your login credentials to the service when you signed up. Enjoy.

How to Install Gears TV Apk on Firestick/Fire TV (Using Downloader App)

As you know Gear TV is not available on the Amazon Store, you can use it with the help of Downloader App. Downloader App is a Firestick/Fire TV supported app which helps you to install any Apk file like Gears TV on Amazon devices.

Follow the simple steps below and you will have Gears TV running on your Firestick/Fire TV.

  1. Go to Firestick “Settings” to “My Fire TV/Device”.
  2. Select “Developer” option.
  3. Enable “ADB Debugging” and “Apps from Unknown Source”.
  4. Now go to the home screen of Firestick. Click on the “Search tab”.
  5. Enter the name of the app as “Downloader” and click on the search button.
  6. Click on the “Downloader App” from the search results and click on the “Get Button”.
  7. When “Downloader App” is downloaded, open it.
  8. On the home tab, enter the URL and click go.
  9. Select “Gears_Launcher.apk”. Let it download.
  10. Choose to install to start the installation of Launcher.
  11. After the installation is finished open it.
  12. Click on Gears TV and update to install.
  13. Click on Stream R Us and update to install. All done.
  • Sign up/Create Account and start enjoying the incredible Gears TV.
  • Next time you only have to enter your login credentials to the service when you signed up. Enjoy.
What is Gears TV Subscription?

Gears TV offers you the facility of subscription with the fully functional and interactive TV guide. You can enjoy a true cable experience with the help of this incredible facility.

The benefit is that with the Gears TV subscription you will get the plenty of the Premium Channels, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TV programs that the most Cable Companies offer with high cost.

Moreover, you will also get the basic Channels such as TBS, USA, TNT & many more all in HD.

Final Words:

If you managed to make it this far, congratulations because you now know all about Gears TV IPTV Service. You are now able to install the Gears TV APK on your Android Device, IOS Device, and Firestick.

Don’t forget to give us your feedback about this article. Our team is looking forward to it and don’t hesitate to ask anything about Gears TV APK in the comment section below. We will reach you as soon as possible.

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